Target Alarm 2.0

Target Alarm 2.0



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Date Added:21 September, 2014

Author: Ainetmakoto

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TargetAlarm (target alarm) is an application program that does the alarm when iPhone's acquiring the location information with GPS on the back ground, and the time that entered in a specific area and going out outside the area.
The vibration is, and it is possible to make an original alarm and the voice.

For instance, it is possible to use it also for the missing prevention etc. of the train.

This application program operates also on the back ground in the terminal since iOS4.

We will inform you of a local notification when the background is very pierced.
It is safe while other applications even are started.

(1).The radius of the check-in can be set.

The radius of each area of the check-in to recognize the thing that entered in the area can be set.

(2).The radius of the checkout can be set.

The radius of each area of the checkout to recognize the thing that went out outside the area can be set.

(3).The area is registered.

The registration of the area supports the retrieval and ambiguous searching from the address.
In addition, the function to register at the present place is provided, too.

Moreover, the fine-tuned cross key is set up.

Two or more registration can be done in the area.

(4).Alarm sound

In this application, 14 kinds of alarm sounds are installed.
Of course, the alarm sound is possible the thing made in the original.
It is possible to use the voice as an alarm.
The frequency can be repeatedly set.

(5).The alarm sound and the alarm voice can be made.

This application can make the alarm of one alarm until five seconds in the maximum.
There is a usage of voice that can be heard, too, if going to the locale in the area that it wants to pass on an easy message to someone when the check-in was done to the area and when it checks it out.


The setting whether the vibration is is also possible.
It is possible to use it at ease under the environment that cannot emit in the train and the sound.
The frequency can be repeatedly set.

(7).Monitor function

The watch begins, and information on each area on the distance, the check-in, and the checkout can be confirmed.
Moreover, because the back ground is supported, this application can be used while doing other work.

In addition, there is the following environmental settings in this application.


The accuracy of GPS can be set. Too much ..accuracy.. if the worst comes to the worst, specific in the area becomes vague.
Oppositely, when accuracy is improved too much, the battery is consumed, and it takes time of filter [sarerutame] and the present place to information with bad accuracy specifically.
The setting that matches this respect to the use environment taking care must be done.

(check interval)

It is an interval time when it checks outside the area in the area.
Because this application program has made operation a base for a short time, the default value is set low.
Please enlarge the time between measurements as much as possible if you want to suppress power consumption.

When the location information is confirmed, this application program uses GPS.
The ability is demonstrated by the thing used in the place where the electric wave reaches.

Please be aware, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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